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Beaming Zanchieta Volunteers who helped with the (easy) capture of a slightly nervous meerkat family
Arriving at Soetdoring Nature Reserve
Released into a brave new world!

It was yet another great day for both the staff and the family of Meerkats at Zanchieta this week.

The family had been brought in by the authorities last year after being confiscated from some folk who had taken them in from the wild, hoping to keep them around their home as pets. Regrettably this illegal activity happens far too often in our country as we humans seem to have the crazy notion that wild animals can be kept and raised as domestics.

Many times these good intentions result in pain and suffering for the animals themselves.

Fortunately for the little family of five, the authorities were tipped off and being too small and habituated to humans for instant release, they brought them to Zanchieta to prepare them for their return to the wild.

This last week it was decided that their day of freedom had arrived and after arrangements were made with the local authorities, the family was boxed up in a suitable transport cage and driven out to Soetdoring Nature Reserve outside Bloemfontein, where they were released out into their natural habitat.

The area chosen for their new home was selected by the park ranger and was a perfect new site for the family to get settled. It was not long before they were all testing out new holes in the ground, digging for insects and running around with their tails up! After spending some time observing them settle in, the staff bade them farewell and returned to the farm. The little band of five were back where they came from and Zanchieta had achieved yet another successful mission.

Folks are reminded that it is against the law to keep wild animals in captivity without the required permits, and this includes snakes! The best thing to do if you come across any creature which is possibly injured or orphaned or in need of care, is to contact the specialists, who have the necessary experience, facilities and permits to rehabilitate them, with possible release back to the wild!


Quite at home already - exploring the new habitat


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