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At the Day's End . . .

wildcatfarm zanchieta end to everyday1It’s the end of the day, all the wild cats’ tummies are full and the sun is resting its head.
You can hear the whispers of baby chicks calling their moms, up in the tree tops where they are out of danger for the night.
You hear the cubs calling, ma ma ma, wanting to say goodnight.
The caracals chirp their last chirp and say: Resting time is over! Now it’s time to play.
The cheetahs are walking next to the fence like guards to see if everything is safe before they go to sleep.
The lions roar, saying goodnight, sweet dreams! Now the small spotted cats (vampire cats) are out of their rooms watching and stalking the small night life through their enclosure fence.
The owl is watching over everything, exploring for a snack - a mouse or something else coming out of its hole to forage. It is so peaceful. Good night, sleep tight, hoo hoo.
Up in our house, we have a clear view of all the enclosures. Goodnight our children, enjoy your night – see you again when the sun shows it’s head!!

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