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The Nursery

Zanchieta Wild Cat farm has a fully equipped “wild cat nursery” with several rooms for taking care of newborn cubs and keeping cubs safe in the quarantine area.

So far the farm has raised newborn lion cubs, cheetah cubs, caracal cubs, serval cubs, small spotted cubs and more.

The rooms are equipped with camping cots, under floor heating and air conditioning to make sure the cubs are warm and save and ensure a comfortable room temperature. Here they are fed and cared for with a milk formula by our dedicated keepers.  Their enviroment is kept clean so they do not contract diseases. 

Keepers at the Wild Cat Nursery take on the role of the mothers, providing round-the-clock feeding and care.  The nursery also provides a safe place where the cubs can rest, play and explore.  Cubs need social contact and to be touched in order to develop.  Cubs enjoy being with their siblings.  Our Wild Cat Nursery provides the ideal enviroment in which they can interact with the rest of their cat family.  This teaches them to get along with the other cats.  

Through play, they exercise their muscles and build strong bodies. They also learn how to defend themselves.

The wild cat nursery also includes an outdoor playing area where they can run and play after six weeks.  Just like human babies, cubs enjoy playing with toys.



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